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Our School

Our History

We have a long history of proven skills and know how which spans about three years now. We provide our students with useful knowledge and information they need to become great men and women of tomorrow. This is a story of how it all started:



Helenē British Schools .


Religious Orientation

Since the inception of our school in 2016, Our First Lady Mrs Helene Ekott and our founder Dr. Emmanuel Ekott has shown us that our school is a free school and people from all types of religion are allowed.


Expansion of operations

With over 127 students all across the nation, we have become the top elementary school for many in Akwaibom and the world at large.


British Curriculum

We have successfully integrated the British curriculum in our School and our students can sit for Cambridge exams, A level and other British exams.


Nigerian Curriculum

Being suited in Nigeria we also offer subjects in the Nigerian curriculum, therefore our students also sit for national exams and state exams.


Future Plans

We hoping to expand across Africa, and the World. We would expand our curriculum to expand different other curriculum. 


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